Ethel Loves Me..

ETHEL is a one–off. ETHEL is a character. ETHEL has attitude. ETHEL is ethical.

ETHEL presents a range of unique inspirations and rarities at her concept store, located on the High Street of the historic Cinque Ports town of Rye in East Sussex.

ETHEL showcases and sells original pieces, limited editions and collectables, working with local makers, artists, artisans, craftspeople and creatives and presenting an ever-changing curation plus regular inspiring exhibitions and workshops. Expect constant surprises, keep tabs on ETHEL’s delights and act fast - because when it’s gone, it’s gone!

ETHEL’s diverse mix takes in art, craft, curios, lifestyle, upcycling, salvage and unique gifts, all presented in an unusual and upbeat environment . Part art gallery, part unique lifestyle and gift shop,

ETHEL cares about community. She wants to provide a platform for local creatives, both up-and-coming and established, within an ever-evolving space in which they can show and sell their work. ETHEL also has an ethical approach, from her no-leather and cruelty free policies through to her packaging, focus on the up-cycled and the natural and her buy/shop-local ethos.

We started as a small bricks and mortar shop based in the wonderful town of Rye in East Sussex, with the aim of showcasing and promoting some of the abundant talent in this unique part of the world. As we grew in terms of artists, makers and support, we moved to larger premises on the High Street and we are now also proud to present and sell the work of a cross-section of creatives on our new website as the next step in Ethel’s stealth plan to slowly and creatively take over the world!

Our aim is to continue to support local creatives and talented individuals in bringing their unique products to market and to showcase students and emerging talent. We try to manage everything as sustainably as we can, from upcycling to using recyclable packaging and paper bags. We occasionally buy from companies based on their unique offer and kindred spirit – creativity and care for the world we live in, along with all the animals within it.

Who is ETHEL? Well, that’s a closely-guarded secret, but the concept has been dreamed up and brought to life by a group of her local friends who live in Rye, inspired by Ethel’s guiding light.